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Non-Surgical Options for Hair Restoration

UncategorizedNon-Surgical Options for Hair Restoration
Non-surgical Options for Hair Restoration

Non-Surgical Options for Hair Restoration

  No scalpel, no stitches, no downtime: Non-surgical hair restoration!

If you want to get treated for your hair loss and baldness then you do not need to go for surgical ways always as there are many effective and reasonable non-invasive treatments available for your hair restoration. This is sometimes in the form of wigs, PRP treatment, and laser therapy. Also, there are other non-invasive methods available too. You can receive these when you feel ready for hair treatment. These are the ones that are discussed below in detail. To know more you can read the blog.

Why Do You Need a Hair Restoration Treatment?

An individual needs hair restoration due to different reasons. Sometimes it is due to some natural reasons and sometimes with time and the use of chemicals, a hair treatment is required. The factors because of which you need to receive the treatment are the ones present below!

  • People with hair loss issues need this treatment. Hair loss can be due to hormonal changes, genetic mutations, and other medications. The procedure will restore the affected scalp area.
  • Due to hormonal fluctuations, hair thinning occurs. If you are the one who is facing such an issue can opt for the treatment.
  • Balding patches can be covered and treated by these hair restoration methods. A natural hair look is achieved by the process. 
  • To boost your confidence and self-esteem you can get the procedures. 
  • People who want to gain their aesthetics back are perfect for the procedure. 

If you are perfect for the treatment or not. To know this you need to consult your doctor. The surgeon will tell you about your treatment after the analysis. 

Non-surgical Options for Hair Restoration:

Although there are many surgical hair treatments available and popular too. But the non-surgical ways are no less than these invasive methods in providing the perfect results. The popular non-surgical options are discussed below;


Sometimes, certain medicines are used to treat hair loss issues. These are finasteride and minoxidil. By taking these medicines orally you can cope with your hair loss. The medications are all FDA-approved. Furthermore, hair growth is stimulated by medicines. 

Scalp Micropigmentation:

This is a process of injecting injections containing vitamins and essential minerals into the scalp. This will help in tackling hair loss and a fuller thicker hairline is obtained. This is a popular non-invasive technique these days. 

Laser Therapy:

Low-laser therapy causes hair follicles to grow at a faster rate. Blood circulation increases and hair growth speeds up. The therapy is effective in cases of hair loss. 

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy:

A procedure in which the blood of the patient is used to provide benefits to the patient. The blood of the patient is withdrawn first and then after the centrifugation process, the blood is again injected back with rich growth factors in the scalp. This enhances hair growth. 

Wigs, Hairpieces, and Hair Extensions:

A method in which synthesized wigs are used to provide a solution to hair loss and baldness in patients. Different types of wigs and extensions are produced according to the patient’s needs. 

Scalp Reduction:

The process in which some part of the bald skin is removed to provide a more enhanced look to the patient. This way the bald region on the scalp is reduced giving more aesthetics. 

Why Cosmo Health Clinic?

In Cosmo Health Clinic, the doctors perform the treatments according to the demands of the patient and in a way that is not painful. To receive your treatment here in our clinic you can visit us. To schedule the appointment you need to complete the form that is present below!

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