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How to Maintain Your Hair Transplant Results: Tips and Tricks

UncategorizedHow to Maintain Your Hair Transplant Results: Tips and Tricks
How to Maintain Your Hair Transplant Results Tips and Tricks

How to Maintain Your Hair Transplant Results: Tips and Tricks

When you have received your hair transplant it does not mean that the process is totally done. You need to take care of yourself and your scalp so that the outcomes can last there for long. To help you with this, our doctors are here and we are sure that it will definitely be helping for you. Also, the blog that is present below contains all the content you need to read. To get an answer to your question How to Maintain Your Hair Transplant Results: Tips and Tricks you need to scroll down. 

All You Need to Know:

There is a certain care that a patient needs to follow in order to maintain the outcomes of the process. Your doctor will guide you through this. The following steps should be followed after the process is done. 

Hair Wash Routine:

  • When your hair transplant is done, your doctor will apply a moisturizer on your scalp. So that your scalp can get soft. The moisturizer is applied for around 15 to 30 minutes. After the moisturizer application, your hair should be washed. This will remove all the dry blood and cause healing. Wash your head gently without putting pressure. 
  • The scalp should be dried after the procedure with the help of a towel. Try not to rub the scalp as it can get hurt. Instead, pat gently on your scalp. If you feel any dryness after the process then you should apply more moisturizer. 
  • An individual must try to wash his/her hair with shampoo on a daily basis so that the scalp does not show any traces of dried blood or scabs on the scalp. You can wash your hair more than once if needed. You generally need to use a bottle of recommended shampoo to complete your aftercare. 

Heavy Exercise and Activity:

It is recommended to avoid any hard exercise after the process as these can increase your blood flow and cause sweating which in turn can affect your transplanted hair follicles. You can do exercises such as walking, and rubbing after the process, as these are simple ones. Your hair consultant will tell you about your aftercare and the time when you can continue your activities. 

Pain and Swelling:

It is common to have pain in your head area after the procedure. You may feel difficulty in sleeping but it’s normal. You can tackle the pain and inflammation of the head with the use of painkillers such as Dexamethasone and paracetamol. This pain and swelling will probably stay there for around 2 to 5 days. 


To deal with the common feeling (itchiness) after a hair transplant you can take medicine which helps in eliminating this feeling. Most of the time, patients are advised to take antihistamine pills. The pill is strong and helps in reducing itching. 

Hair Dye & Smoking:

Hair dye can be done before the treatment but dying your hair after the process is not recommended as it can cause negative effects and it is advised to refrain from hair dyes for almost a month. 

Also, the patient should stop smoking for four weeks. Alcohol consumption is restricted for 5 days because its consumption can interrupt with the blood flow of the head which will cause a delay in your recovery. 

Be Our Happy Clients!

To get your hair transplant with the modern techniques and to know How to Maintain Your Hair Transplant Results: Tips and Tricks you can come to our Cosmo Health Clinic. We are here to help you so that your transplant journey can be memorable and successful. Our professionals are working to provide these hair transplants to people for several years with their desired results. If you are the one who wants to receive the treatment here in our clinic then you need to complete the form that is present below!

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