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Acell PRP Treatment Dubai

Acell PRP Treatment Dubai
Acell PRP Treatment in Dubai

Due to different injuries and incidents, people sometimes lose their hair, or other times due to shampoos, hard water, or other medical and hormonal reasons they start losing their hair resulting in baldness. The good thing is that with innovation and modernity it has now become possible for all people to get their hairlines back in a safe and effective way. This Acell PRP Treatment in Dubai involves the use of the patient’s own red blood cells which gives a natural hair look in less time. 

What is Acell?

Acell is a product that causes regeneration and helps in the healing process. The product is FDA approved and increases the body’s ability to repair and heal. The immune system of the body improves. These Acells are injected into the scalps to cause more blood flow. The hair growth increases. Mostly, the acell is injected into the damaged and injured place.

What is PRP Treatment?

Platelet-rich plasma is a process in which the patient’s own blood cells are used to stimulate cell production and cause clotting too. The platelets present in the plasma activate blood production and healing. This is rich in platelets blood. To create an injection of PRP, the doctor takes the blood from the patient’s body and sends it for centrifugation. The centrifuge machine separates the rich growth factors from the blood and then injects the injection into the scalp. Sometimes before the injection, the doctor does an ultrasound for proper insertion. 

How Both Works Together?

The processes individually give perfect results but when done on a combined basis the outcomes are marvelous. It becomes more effective and the results come faster. The hair restoration done by this Acell PRP Treatment in Dubai gives long-lasting effects. Alone for PRP the results last for almost 3 months but when both processes are proceeded combined they give outcomes for at least a year. One acell PRP treatment is enough for a person once a year. 


The outcomes obtained by the procedure remain there for almost a year. The overall result depends on the skills of the doctor. More skilled doctors promise more exact results. 


Regarding the benefits of the Acell PRP Treatment in Dubai, you have the following benefits. These are the ones present below:

  • The procedure solves the hair loss issue
  • No side effects of the treatment
  • Confidence gets increased
  • The recovery rate is negligible
  • A reasonable procedure
  • Causes strengthening of hair loss 

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

The ideal candidate for the treatment are the ones who have the following characteristics:

  • If the problem has just started
  • When someone is looking for a permanent solution
  • If you want to say bye to your baldness
  • Want to go for natural processes
  • Afraid of surgical processes 


Yes, the Acell PRP Treatment is FDA-approved because the Acell is extracted from the proteins of body tissues. The cells regenerate and produce hair follicles. 

The Acell PRP is effective for hair loss in both genders equally. The hair gets thicker, healthier, and the growth increases in a natural way without side effects. 

PRP only involves the use of the blood cells of patients for hair growth in a natural way. While the Acell PRP increases hair follicles growth and renews the tissues, leading to increased hair growth. 

The Acell PRP Treatment Cost in Dubai ranges between AED 700 to AED 1600. The demand of the doctor, the amount of PRP injected and the length of treatment area determines the cost too.


Prior to the treatment, the patient needs to follow various precautions. These are written below:

  • You need to stop smoking and alcohol intake
  • Do not have any medications such as aspirin because these are blood thinners and cause delays in recovery
  • Limit caffeine intake as it can affect healing
  • Try to wash your hair with a medicated shampoo before a night to the treatment


At the start of the procedure, the doctor will withdraw blood from the patient’s body. Then the withdrawn blood is inserted into a centrifuge. This device then separates the red blood cells and plasma which is rich in platelet. 

After this, the PRP is combined with the Acell technique, and then the doctor applies anesthesia to the individual so that the patient does not feel any pain or discomfort. Finally, the surgeon inserts the acell PRP injection with the help of syringes. The process further proceeds by micro-needling. 

After Care:

When the treatment is finished the patient needs to follow the following points:

  • If you feel any type of bruising, redness, or swelling your issue will fade away after some hours by applying cold pads
  • Do not use any kind of hair care products without a doctor’s concern
  • Limit the sun exposure 
  • Eliminate smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Do not use harsh chemicals

What are the Side Effects of the Acell PRP?

The best thing about the treatment is that it does not have any side effects and that is why people usually opt for this procedure. The use of own blood cells in the procedure makes it a safe one. You may feel some sort of irritation or discomfort but these will go away after one day. 

Acell PRP Cost:

 The cost of the Acell PRP Treatment in Dubai ranges from AED 699 to AED 1599. There are many factors that decide the final money for the procedure. These are the ones present below:

  • Location at which the clinic is present
  • Services present at the clinic
  • The demand of the doctor
  • Condition of the patient

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Cosmo health clinic is providing a great number of hair treatments. These treatments involve different hair transplants, PRP procedures, and other non-surgical FUE treatments. Our hair professional is best known in Dubai because of their expertise and successes. Dr. Sannia Awais is perfect for this treatment. She has all the necessary knowledge for the treatment. You will get your desired results when done with the treatment and your hairline will get restored.