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Best Trichologists in Dubai

Best Trichologists in Dubai

People with hair loss, hair thinning and baldness issues try to find out permanent and safe solutions to their problems. Doctors who are experts in their field provide the best results and the outcomes stay there for a long-time. Whenever you are going for treatment make sure that you have chosen a proficient professional. An expert trichologist has answers as well as solutions to your all questions relating to hair damage and troubles. Meet the Best Trichologists in Dubai in our clinic and get properly guided. 

What is Trichology?

A study regarding hair and the human scalp is termed trichology. The studies include gaining knowledge about every type of hair problem including hair loss, loss of hair volume, and other bald patches. The individuals who study trichology is termed a trichologist. 

Who is a Trichologist?

An individual who has studied trichology is a trichologist. The doctor is especially for treating all hair issues. A dermatologist can do trichology but a trichologist cannot do dermatology. A trichologist can do a lot of treatments and can solve the issues that are present below:

  • Hair loss or hair fall
  • Damage to the hair
  • Hair breaks down
  • Oily scalp
  • Alopecia and baldness
  • Itchiness on the scalp
  • Trichotillomania

Note: Issues that are not medical are treated by trichologists.

When the hair problem is related to a medical condition it is not treated by a trichologist rather than a dermatologist is referred!

Outcomes of the Treatment:

After getting your specific treatment you will see a visible change. Your hair will start growing and your hairline will recover. Results will be permanent and long-lasting. Almost, in every hair treatment, the result starts getting visible after 6 weeks. 

What are the Advantages?

The benefits that are related to visiting the Best Trichologists in Dubai are the ones presented below:

  • Hair start regrowth 
  • Problems related to hair follicles are treated
  • Hair loss gets stopped
  • You gain your confidence back
  • You gain thick and volumized hair

When to Visit a Trichologist?

When do you need to visit a trichologist? Well, the time which is best for your visit to a trichologist is when you see the following issues;

  • When you facing hair loss and observe more hair in the comb after setting your hair
  • If your home remedies are not working the way you want
  • Having dandruff and swelling on the scalp
  • Feeling sensitivity on the scalp that is your scalp hurts when you comb or touch
  • You sense that your hair texture is not normal and the hair is getting rough


Tricologists are able to identify & treat a range of hair & scalp issues, including baldness, thinning hair, and abnormalities of the scalp.

The consultation fee varies from AED 199 to AED 499. However, the cost is not fixed as the factors that determine the fee of the doctor includes the first consultation & Follow-up sessions.

The treatment is minimally invasive & more intensive. The candidates can actually regrow their hair. Trichologists can implant healthy hair follicles in bald places by mostly using the therapy of FUE.

It depends on the reason for the hair loss & the recommended course of therapy.

Causes of Hair Issue:

Hair problems can occur at any age in life in most cases with aging the problem gets prominent but there are many other reasons that are responsible for the issues. These are as follows:

  • Stress issues
  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Any medical complication
  • Chemicals in shampoos
  • Due to diet 
  • When a woman undergoes pregnancy. 

What to See When Choosing a Trichologist?

How will judge whether a certain trichologist is best for you or not? Well, this will be done on the basis of the points that are mentioned below:

Certified Doctor:

The doctor should be a member of a certified clinic and he should be a certified trichologist. Doctors who have done their training have more knowledge of treatment. 

Reputable Clinic:

More reputed clinics mean that their result history is unmatchable. The treatment they provide is more effective so the doctor at such clinics promises perfect results. 


Doctor you are choosing should be an experienced one as the more they practice the more they know about tackling hair procedures. 


Make sure that they are well-qualified and have a trichology degree. 

Success History:

If the history of that particular doctor is perfect and the rate of success is high then you should go for that doctor. 

What Happens in the Appointment with a Trichologist?

When you meet a trichologist he/she will ask some questions about your medical history. Also, you will be asked about your hair care routine and the shampoo you are using. A general physical examination will be done to know your scalp condition. 

If you start using a new product recently you should tell your doctor about it also any medications you are taking should be in the knowledge of your trichologist. You will be asked about your mental health like if you have any stress issues. 

To solve your complications the doctor may prescribe you some medicines, lotions, and creams. 

Cost of Best Trichologists:

The consultation fee for the Best Trichologists in Dubai ranges from AED 199 to AED 499. Insurance doe not cover this cost. The factors that decide the consultation of the doctor are:

  • First consultation
  • Follow-up consultation 

Best Trichologists in Dubai:

In our Cosmo Health Clinic, you will get to meet the Best Trichologists in Dubai. They are all professionals and have a lot of experience in carrying out these treatments. You can get the best advice and diagnosis for your hair problems. If you are willing to get treated properly to gain quick and permanent results then do not delay more in visiting our clinic. 

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