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Natural Looking Hair You will be obsessed with your natural looks by attaining an appealing and aesthetic appearance. Appointment Goodbye Baldness It's time to wave baldness and regain your confidence with our effective and permanent treatments. Appointment

Hair Perfection We believe in creating and changing ways that make your hair appear fuller & volumized effectively. Appointment


Utilizing your own blood cells for the regrowth of hair.


Best solution to control your hair loss & enhances growth.

Alopecia Areata

An effective way to prevent hair fall & bald patches.


Hair Loss

Hair Loss can be treated 


Alopecia Areata

An effective way to prevent hair fall & bald patches.

Hair Loss

Hair Loss can be treated 

Hair Transplant Dubai Recovery Timeline

10 Days

Scabs, bruising, and swelling will subside.

1 Month

Hair Loss in the recipient area.

3 to 4 Months

Regrowth of new and thicker hair.

6 Months

Enhances and improves coverage of hair.

1 Year

Optimal hair density natural and original.

2 Years

Permanent grafts and no more baldness.

Cosmo Hair Transplant Dubai

Amazing facts about Hair Transplant in Dubai at Cosmo Health Wellness Clinic.


The result of the treatment will be the most refined and natural with minimal downtime & no discomfort.

Surgery Preparation

It is essential to refrain from drinking, smoking, and avoid taking blood thinners prior to the method.

Privacy Policy

Everyone has a right to secrecy, we will keep your information confidential and value what's being redeemed.

Age Limit

The ideal and perfect candidate for a good hair transplant varies from 18 years to 65 years.

Hair Transplant Benefits

Delivers permanent solutions.

Cost-effective technique.

Increases your confidence.

Improves the look.

Thicker hair volume

No more baldness.

A good hairline.

Look younger.

More hair styling.

Natural results


Why You Need A Hair Transplant?

To eliminate baldness and hair fall permanently you need to undergo a hair transplant. Having bald patches and hair loss is depressive for both men and women so the best way to defeat both is a hair transplant by a proficient staff. The procedure is not just for a natural hairline restoration but also to provide an effective and safe solution. Also, the additional benefits of the hair transplant procedure which make it suitable for people are:

A natural hair look

Low cost treatment

Enhanced self-esteem

Less-invasive procedure

No risks attached



Scarless Hair Transplant in Dubai FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai

Pre Care:

Avoid any sort of painkillers and medications that can cause blood thinning

Do not drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes

Sleep well before the treatment

Take medicines prescribed by our qualified doctors

After Care:

Sleep with an elevated head

Gently wash hair

Drink plenty of water

Do not scratch the treated scalp area

Avoid strenuous activities


AED 6,950 to 15,950.
  • Minimal discomfort and fast recovery.
  • The scars are undetectable.
  • Restoration of fuller hair.
  • Advanced technique and no stitches.


AED 650 to 2500
  • Strengthens the hair from thinning.
  • Strong and better hair.
  • Younger and charming look.
  • Safe process with no cuts.

Our Doctors

Dr. Sania Awais

She is a professional expert in the various areas of aesthetic medication, rejuvenating skin, hair transplant, hair removal, and so much more

Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya

Dr. Makkhiya is a board-certified plastic surgeon. He is an expert cosmetic practitioner who performs all types of treatments.


No visible Scaring


Restore Hair Loss


Boost collagen & recover

Beard Hair Transplant

Facial hair growth

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