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Hybrid Hair Transplant Dubai

Hybrid Hair Transplant Dubai
Hybrid Hair Transplant in Dubai

Different hair techniques are available for restoring hair line but with the introduction of this modern Hybrid Hair Transplant in Dubai, you can get the treatment with innovative styles with less to no side effects. The technique is a mixture of FUE and FUT. You can have quick and natural outcomes with this procedure. Your hairline will look natural and appears thick as well as smooth. So to get the perfect hair transplant in Dubai you must need to visit our clinic. To know about the treatment you need to read the following webpage!

What is Hybrid Hair Transplant?

A hybrid hair transplant is a combination of two techniques FUT and FUE. Both procedures are done in the same session. By this technique, doctors can extract a great number of hair grafts at a time. Up to 6000 hair grafts can be taken out by this procedure at a time. You will get a scalp with natural hair and hairline. Extreme baldness problems can be treated by a hybrid hair transplant. The rate of satisfaction with the procedure is high too. 


The outcomes of the surgery are natural and smooth. The effects of the treatment remain there on a permanent basis. To get perfect results you need to receive treatment from the expert doctors.  


The advantages of the treatment are the ones that are present below:

  • You can treat the complete baldness with this procedure
  • Natural hairline will be formed
  • More hair grafts can be withdrawn
  • Less complicated procedures 
  • No side effects

Who Should Get the Treatment?

The ideal candidate for the Hybrid Hair Transplant in Dubai are the ones who have the following attributes:

  • People who want to go for deep rejuvenation 
  • Individuals with pattern baldness
  • When you are physically and mentally healthy
  • You have a realistic approach to the treatment
  • Candidates who are bald from birth time


In the days following the treatment, some little pain or discomfort is possible, although this is typically treatable with over-the-counter painkillers.

The average cost of a Hybrid Hair Transplant is variable from AED 4,999 to AED 7,999. But this is not teh real cost as some influencing factors of cost are there, thus, the real cost will be known at the initial meeting with the hair surgeon.

The transplanted sites begin to grow hair in 3 to 4 months, & the final results often show up 12 to 18 months after the procedure.

Usually, the individuals are instructed to wait for 2-4 days before taking a shower. This lowers the chance of the freshly implanted grafts becoming dislodged and enables the transplanted hair follicles to adapt to their new location.

Working of Hybrid Hair Transplant:

When the doctor carry out the hybrid hair transplant, both FUT & FUE technique is used. First the doctor applies the anesthesia to make the scalp numb.

After that, the doctor uses FUT and take out a strip of scalp containing hair, the strip is then closed by the help of stitches. 

Then by the use of FUE, the doctor withdraw the hair follicles one by one to put them into the bald area. For the tansplantatoin of these extracted hair, the scalp for receiving the grafts is first prepared by making incisions with the help of needles. 

The hair grafts need preparation before the transplantation step. This preparation is done on the same day at the same time when the recipient site is in preparation phase too. The overall procedure time is around 4 to 5 hours. 


To get the treatment you need to follow all the guidelines given below so that the treatment can run smoothly. The following points are needed to be followed:

  • Avoid taking blood thinners as they can cause bleeding
  • Try scalp massage for 10 to 15 minutes so that the blood circulation increases
  • Eat healthy and nutritious food

After Care:

Some of the aftercare needed after the treatment which is given below:

  • Do not touch your treated area
  • Drink plenty of water 
  • While spraying your spray the ride side with the left hand and left side with right hand
  • Comb slowly and gently
  • Avoid hard exercises after the treatment

Recovery Phase:

You will feel swelling and pain after the procedure that will be gone after a day. You do not need to panic because of these signs because these are curable and vanish within 24 hours. 

Are there any Side effects?

Being an invasive procedure the procedure will cause some sort of pain which can be managed by using medicines prescribed by the doctor. 

Although the procedure is done under local anesthesia but still the patients can feel pain after the completion of the process. 


The cost of the Hybrid Hair Transplant in Dubai ranges from AED 4999 to AED 7999. There are many factors that decide the price of the treatment. These are the number of grafts that can is needed to be extracted from the surface, the surgeons expertise and the type of procedure. 

Why Cosmo Health Clinic?

To get a treatment which can provide more hair grafts than any other treatment of the same kind you need to come to our Cosmo Health Clinic to get the hybrid hair technique. Being an innovative method it is not only a safe process but also produce perfect hairline. Before the treatment you can consult with the surgeons so that you can know more about the procedure. The treatment is FDA approved. To get this effective treatment you can complete the form that is present below!