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Mustache Hair Transplant Dubai

Mustache Hair Transplant Dubai
Mustache Hair Transplant in Dubai

Spotty Mustache can be Restored!

A Patchy Mustache!

The procedure of Facial Hair Transplant is usually carried out for men who suffer from spotty or patchy hair loss in various parts of the beard, or mustache. The lack of hair could be the reason for genetics, scars, hormones, burns, or other types of traumas. For a few individuals, maintaining a thick mustache is a sign of manhood while for some it is an essential requirement in their religion. Additionally, it is a trendline among many young individuals. To learn more about the method of Mustache Hair Transplant in Dubai and its pros and cons, keep reading the informative page!

Hair Transplant:

As per the experts at Cosmo Health Clinic, a hair transplant is a surgical process in which follicles of hair are eliminated from one side of the head or body to the site of baldness. Anyhow, the process of hair transplant is also recognized as Hair Transplantation and is utilized to treat patterns of baldness. However, this process is also known as a treatment for male balding patterns in medical terms.

Expected Consequences:

To ensure natural & aesthetic outcomes of a Mustache Hair Transplant in Dubai, the expert of the treatment will take the differences in the thickness, texture, and color of the face & head hair. In addition, the method will deliver a fuller and more volumized beard that will last for a lifetime.

The Pros & Cons:

With every procedure, there are multiple pros and a few cons that are affiliated with the method, however, below in the table are mentioned the pros and cons.

The Pros

  • Desirable natural results.
  • Attractive beard.
  • Safe and effective.
  • Permanent results.
  • Free of pain.
  • Faster recovery.
  • Scars are difficult to find.
  • Volumized & denser hair.

A few Cons

  • Scarring.
  • Numbness.
  • Itchiness. 
  • Swelling. 

Outstanding Contender: 

Following are mentioned candidates who are good for the procedure:

  • Candidates are mentally stable.
  • Have good physical health.
  • Observing patchy or spotty areas.
  • Have sufficient growth of hair in the donor area.
  • Must have practical assumptions.

Pre & Post-care Tips: 

Following are mentioned the pre & post-care tips that are essential to follow to attain optimal impacts.

The Pre-care Tips

  • It is essential to inform about the medication or if having any disease.
  • Refrain from taking thinners of blood.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol & smoking.
  • Do not cut your hair short.
  • Refrain from applying any gel or hair spray.
  • The Post-care Tips

The Post-care Tips

  • Take the prescribed medications.
  • Wear a buttoned or zipper shirt for a few days.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking.
  • Sleep with your head elevated.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Apply ice to the treated area.
  • Refrain from scratching or touching the site of the transplant.
  • Do not lift heavy weights.
  • Prevent exposure to the sun. 


The Mustaches Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai ranges from AED 3500 to AED 7499. The number of grafts and the technique used highly affect the prices of the treatment. 

This procedure is done under local anesthesia which means that the patient does not feel any pain. After the treatment, the patient may feel irritation, discomfort, and pain which will go away within a day or two. 

To perform the Mustaches Hair Transplant, the FUE technique is used to take the hair grafts from the back of the scalp to transplant them in the mustache area. The process involves the transplantation one by one. 

To do the mustache hair transplant local anesthesia is used which numbs the targeted area. The patient does not sense any discomfort during the procedure while being awake. 

The Technique: 

The following method is carried out by the technique of FUE, which is mostly done for the scalp. However, prior to the method, the expert of the treatment will cleanse the area and then apply anesthesia to the numb site of extraction & treatment in order to make the client comfortable. 

As soon as the anesthesia has taken place, the surgeon will extract the graft from the site of the donor which is mostly from the back of the head. After this, the grafts that are extracted are transplanted on the portion of the mustache area that is bald or patchy. Because of the great amount of hair from the donor site, almost all the bald patches can be covered & treated in a single sitting.

Duration of Recovery:

After 7 days, the area transplanted will appear very natural. Furthermore, the recovery of the donor site is also very quick, within two weeks the candidate will get the appearance they had before the operation. However, after six months, the candidates will see most of the final outcomes, and in a year and a half, it is possible to observe intensive & natural-appearing facial hair.

Mustache Transplant Cost: 

The standard charges of the Mustache Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai range from AED 3450 to AED 7500 for 350 to 500 grafts. But these are not the fixed charges as there are components that will impact the price of the method and therefore it will be decided at the initial meeting with the surgeon.

Aspects Impacting the Cost:

  • Admission room.
  • Age of the patient.
  • Area to be treated.
  • The dimension of hair loss.
  • Number of grafts to be planted
  • Texture and feature of hair
  • Admission & surgeon fee.
  • Type of process planned to perform.
  • The medical condition of the patient.

Mustache Transplant is All You Need!

Are you unhappy with the spotty or patchy mustache? Then book us right away for the procedure of Mustache Hair Transplant in Dubai and have the lifetime perks that you are seeking for a long time. Anyhow, if you have any further queries, feel free to have a word with our treatment experts that are ranked at the top in Dubai. So hurry up, and sort out all your concerns!