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Hair Replacement Dubai

Hair Replacement Dubai
Hair Replacement in Dubai

Finally! a fuller, natural-looking, and healthy head of hair which will make you feel confident and look more youthful by Hair Replacement in Dubai. The process will replace your hair individually and make your natural hairline. This is a non-surgical, painless process and causes no scars. You can enjoy your confidence by looking the way you once were. When people want to go for short and non-surgical treatment this is the best one to go for!

What is Hair Replacement?

A technique that provides a more thick and more full hairline is hair replacement therapy. The hair achieved by the process is like normal hair and it can be styled as you desire them to be. Different types of techniques are used to carry out the process. Like sometimes they are glued on the scalp and otherwise artificially grown by inserting pigments in the skin. The techniques are debated below. 

Results of Hair Replacement:

After getting the therapy, you will see immediate results which is a full head with hair. You will feel that your personality is enhanced. Also, the patient can get back home on the same day of treatment. There will be no scars, or side effects once the treatment gets finished. 


Most of the people start recovering after 3 days of the treatment. In this recovery time, you need to really care because the scalp is sensitive and the hair follicles can get damaged. 

The best hair replacement is the FUE with some modernities by which not only the effectiveness of the procedure increase but the healing time decreases too.

After you are done with a hair transplant you need to wait for 4 days. Avoid using shampoos in the first 7 days after the treatment. They may affect the implants. 

It depends on the type of technique that is in use. FUE involves individual extractions with small incisions while the FUT leaves a big scar as a small skin patch is removed. 


To talk about the advantages of the treatment. There are many which are present below:

  • These transplanted hair units will stay there for their whole life
  • You can change your hair texture to your desire 
  • A painless procedure
  • Scarless process 
  • Affordable one
  • Permanent baldness solution
  • Grafting or incisions are not required as it is a non-invasive technique 

Goals of Hair Replacement:

Some of the most important goals of hair replacement include:

  • To obtain enduring outcomes for baldness
  • For a younger look
  • To get undetectable effects.
  • For a head full of hair.
  • To fix the hairline without any risks
  • For a boost to confidence and self-esteem.

Are you the Candidate?

This non-surgical technique is a good option for people who do not want to undergo surgical techniques. The ideal candidate for the treatment are the ones:

  • You do not up for a surgical transplant due to different reasons like the absence of good donor hair follicles
  • When you have good physical and mental stability
  • You are suffering from alopecia areata, scarring issues, or other hair loss problems
  • when a hair transplant get failed in helping you

Techniques We Use:

There are different techniques for Hair Replacement in Dubai. These are;


People who have hair loss problems go for artificial wigs and hair. This is an easy way to wear and style hair in many different ways according to your choices. The wigs are produced in a natural way to make them look natural. These are natural and a man who is going to buy that wig cannot find a difference between the synthetic and the real hair. 

Hair Piece:

Hair pieces are produced in a way that they have a variety of colors, textures, and hair density as well as the type of hair. The process is a less expensive one compared to a hair transplant. It remain there for the long term. These are easily fixable as well as used as extensions which makes them a good option for the patients. 

Women with a desire of having long hair can opt for this option. Most women use these extensions for lengthening and thickening of hair. 

Scalp Micropigmentation:

This non-surgical technique is common among people. In the technique, natural tiny pigments are inserted into the epidermal tissues of the skin for the growth of natural hair follicles on the hairline. The technique is popular for both men and women. 

  • People with crown baldness
  • Hairline decrease
  • Hair loss issues
  • Alopecia problems 

After Care:

  • When done with the procedure, you need to avoid brushing for some time as the glue with which it is pasted on the scalp might be wet. 
  • Do not color your hair after the procedure
  • Also, eliminate dryer usage

All these habits can destroy your new hair so you should not do these. The aftercare will help you in retaining the results of the treatment for as long as necessary. 


The cost for Hair Replacement in Dubai depends on the treatment type for which you are going. The rates for wigs start from AED XXXX to XXXX. While the scalp micro pigmentation and the headpieces are around AED XXXX to AED XXXX. there are many factors that still add up in the cost. Like the standard of the clinic, the demand of the doctor, and the quality of the treatment. 

Why Cosmo Health Clinic?

Cosmo Health Clinic is here to provide you with the techniques and solutions as per your desire and demand. Professionals here in our clinic are all qualified and well-trained. If you are passionate to get a permanent solution for your hair problems then fill out the form that is present below!