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Laser Hair Therapy Dubai

Laser Hair Therapy Dubai
Laser Hair Therapy in Dubai

People are losing hair every day but sometimes they start losing more hair than normal which may lead to baldness and other problems. There are many reasons for this hair loss which can be stress, hormonal issues, and other hereditary problems. Instead of going for treatments that cause scars and leave signs of hair transplant dubai you can for the treatment which will only use laser beams to treat the issues. The growth of hair will increase with the popular Laser Hair Therapy in Dubai. The best thing about the treatment is, it is a painless procedure. 

What is Laser Hair Therapy for Hair Loss?

In the treatment, the doctor applied laser lights from an led source on the targeted area. The devices emit photons that are absorbed into the scalp and then cause the hair follicles to improve their growth, the hair then grows thick and long. The popularity of the treatment is because of its painless nature and high effectiveness. The therapy is also called red light therapy. 

What causes baldness:

There are many causes of hair loss and baldness. These are the ones present below;

  • Due to tight hairstyles
  • Because of some stress
  • Family history
  • Hormonal changes
  • As a reaction to medications

Advantages of the Treatment:

The advantages of the treatment are the ones that are present below:

  • The laser targets the area without causing any damage to the surrounding regions
  • It is a precise treatment
  • A fast procedure 
  • The success rate is 95%
  • No scars and pain
  • No extra efforts

Perfect Candidate:

The ideal candidate for Laser Hair Therapy in Dubai is one who has the following:

  • When you feel any kind of hair thinning
  • People who are not suitable to get a hair transplant
  • You are an adult or over 20 years
  • People who do not smoke and drink
  • To improve the texture of hair and health
  • If you are afraid of hair transplants

Does Preparation Need?

People who want to gain the treatment need to follow the following preparations. These will be advised by the doctor to the patient. These are the ones present above:

  • Do not go under the sun for some days
  • Avoid drinking and smoking
  • Eat healthy food
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Check for the doctor’s expertise before going for the treatment

How the Procedure is Carried Out?

The doctor will first shave the area where the procedure needs to be done. And then applies a numbing cream to the targeted area. After the cream causes it’s effective the doctor will apply the laser according to the desires of the patient in the targeted area. The laser penetrates deep into the skin and causes the activation of hair follicles. Blood circulation will increase too. The doctor may wear glasses for protection of the eye. Finally, the doctor applies the cold gel to the skin after the process gets finished.


The hair follicles need about six weeks to start growing hair that lasers can efficiently target.

In most cases, treatments are allocated twice or thrice a week for the first six to eight weeks, and later, only one session per week for maintenance is required.

The Cost of the therapy is not fixed as there are some factors impacting the cost. The standard cost varies from AED 299 to AED 1499. However, the real cost will be determined at the initial meeting with the specialist.

Yes, most individuals have reported it as safe. There are not many side effects because the low-level lasers utilized in this treatment do not even harm the skin or hair & deliver effective results.

Does it Work?

Yes, and it gives permanent results. Laser hair therapy works with the use of laser beams and the results last there for several years. The hair regrowth results in lighter and thicker hair. The machine that is used during the process causes an increase in the absorption, also the hair fall decreases, and the regrowth of hair is done.

What is the After Care?

When the treatment is done, the patient needs to do the following aftercare:

  • For redness and irritation, you should apply gel
  • Avoid going in sunlight

Well, this therapy is a simple one and does not need any further care. If you need to do some sort of additional care your doctor will tell you and guide you properly. 

Side Effects of the Treatment:

The risk of the treatment, the ones that are present below:

  • Itching 
  • Redness

These side effects are all so minor that they can be neglected. These go away with time and 

Laser Hair Therapy Cost:

The cost of Laser Hair Therapy in Dubai ranges from AED 299 to AED 1499. But the overall treatment price depends on various factors. These are as follows:

  • Number of sessions that patient needed
  • The fee of the surgeon
  • Service charges
  • Location of the clinic
  • Condition of the patient

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We are in the cosmo health clinic to provide you with the best treatments available. We use a high-quality laser to treat your hair loss so that you can get your hair back without pain. Our HRGs machines are all up-to-date. We are offering a free consultation to our patients if they want to grab the treatment. In the consultation, our doctors will examine you properly so that you can be treated properly. To get the free appointment you need to complete the form that is present below!