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FUE Vs FUT: Which is Right for You?

UncategorizedFUE Vs FUT: Which is Right for You?
FUE Vs FUT Which is Right for You

FUE Vs FUT: Which is Right for You?

When someone decides about a hair transplant the first thing that comes up in the mind is the type of hair transplant that should be done. FUE Vs FUT: Which is Right for You?  Know the answer to your question by reading the blog that is presented below where we will tell you about the cost, outcomes, and benefits of both procedures. Both techniques are different from each other in their extraction process. To know about the procedure just have a look below.

What is Follicular Unit Extraction?

The technique in which the hair is taken from the back of the scalp which is the donor area and then transplanted back to the frontal recipient area. The transplantation is done by making small incisions. The hair follicles which were taken individually from the recipient area are now inserted into the hole that is prepared in the recipient area. There are specific tools that are used to carry out the process. The scalp is bandaged for some time after the process. The hair first falls off and then grows back. 

What is Follicular Unit Transplantation?

In this process, a strip from the back of the scalp is withdrawn which is a few cm long and contains hair grafts. After this, the donor area is stitched up. The doctor splits the strip and divides the hair follicles for their transplantation into the recipient area. When they are transplanted into the targeted area they fall off from the scalp until new hair follicles grow. The process can result in scar formation but the results are perfect. 


To know the difference between both the processes and to understand the results, costs, recovery, and success rate of both processes you can have look here:


The outcomes achieved by both processes are perfect. FUT provides results that are more satisfactory because the hair follicles that are extracted in the case of FUT are more. So the covering and the hairline restoration are more accurate. But due to the scarring nature of the process, it leaves a prominent scar on the scalp. However, in the case of FUE follicles are taken out in form of small incisions that do not leave such scars. This fewer scars can be covered by hair. 


The price of the treatment depends on the efforts done to complete the process. The cost for the FUE is done with modern techniques in which the hair follicles are taken one by one through small incisions can cost you more. People who need more hair follicles go for the FUT hair transplant because that treatment costs less compared to the FUE. This transplant which is done individually requires more effort so the treatment can be more expensive. 

Recovery Rate:

The recovery for the FUT hair transplant is more because the process is more invasive in nature and causes a scar on the scalp which is more prominent. Patients need to take care of their scalps a lot after the process.  The FUT patients need to be careful in taking care but in FUE, the incisions are small and do not need that long recovery. 


The success rate in the case of FUT was more in the past due to more hair follicles extraction but with the modern techniques used in FUE, the success rate for the FUE has increased a lot. The graft survival rate for the robotic FUE technology is 100%. But when we talk about the success rate of the procedure it depends on the skills of the doctor. The way your doctor is carrying out the process determines the process’s success rate. 

Why Cosmo Health Clinic?

Cosmo surgeons are here to help you in choosing the procedure which is best for you. Whether you go for FUE or FUT the procedure will give you your desired results. Our hair professionals are carrying out the process for several years. They have done thousands of successful hair transplants. To make your hair transplant a successful cosmetic story you need to come to our cosmo health clinic and meet our best hair surgeons. To book an appointment you need to complete the form that is present below!

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