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5 Common Misconceptions About Hair Transplants

Uncategorized5 Common Misconceptions About Hair Transplants
5 common Misconceptions about hair transplant

5 Common Misconceptions About Hair Transplants

Hair is an essential part of the body. It affects the looks of a person really much. People who are suffering from hair loss, hair thinning and baldness should know that a hair transplant is a perfect option. Many people ask questions about hair transplants and their effects. Instead of this hair transplant popularity, there are some common misconceptions about the transplant. To know about these 5 Common Misconceptions About Hair Transplants you need to read the blog which is presented below!

What is a Hair Transplant?

The procedure that is done in an area facing baldness or hair loss is a hair transplant. The hair transplant is done by different procedures such as the FUE and FUT. Both procedures give perfect results but differ in their method of transferring the hair follicles from the donor area to the scalp area. If you want to receive the procedure you need to visit the clinic where the doctor will tell you which type of procedure is best for you. 

5 Common Misconceptions About Hair Transplants:

The popular hair transplant treatment has some common misconceptions and people need to know about these as these are only myths and there is no reality in this. These are the ones present below:

A Hair Transplant is A Painful Procedure:

The latest technology has made hair transplants a painless procedure. The overall procedure is done under local anesthesia. So the patient does not feel aching and irritation during the process. When the effect of anesthesia wears off, the individual feels a little discomfort. But this is all manageable with medicines. 

Unnatural Hair Look:

When the hair transplant is done by an expert doctor, the hairline looks natural. When the grafting is done in the proper way, the outcomes of the procedure come out 100% accurate. You can have a normal hair care routine after the procedure in which you can comb, wash and cut your hair easily. 

It Gives Quick Results:

When you are receiving the hair transplant you should know that it’s not an immediate procedure you need to wait for around a year for the final results. Because in the first few days, your hair will first fall off, and then start growing back in three phases telogen, catagen, and anagen. 

Hair Transplant is for Men:

People think that hair transplant is for men as they experience hair loss more but this is not true as women who are facing hair loss and balding can also receive the treatment. The genders for the treatment are not restricted and both genders can get the procedure whenever they want. 

Hair Transplant Gives Scars:

Previously, it was thought that hair transplants give prominent scars but with the use of the latest technology, these post-surgical scars are now small and are not visible. These small scars are easily coverable by hair. Also, the surgeon’s expertise plays an important role in this scenario. 

The Bottom Line!

If you are the one who is suffering from baldness and hair thinning you need to receive a hair transplant from our clinic. This is not a preventive method for hair loss and baldness, rather the patient can receive the treatment when they want to tackle the aftereffects. Both genders can have the treatment with the same success rate. The hair transplant is safe and affordable and gives you fuller & thicker hair. Receiving your hair transplant in the Cosmo Hair Clinic comes with some additional benefits such as affordable treatment, professional staff, and follow-up consultations so that the patient can receive aftercare and have pre guidelines too. So to have your treatment here in our clinic you need to complete the form that is present below! 

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