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What Causes Hair Grafts to Fall After Hair Transplant

UncategorizedWhat Causes Hair Grafts to Fall After Hair Transplant
What Causes Hair Grafts To Fall After Hair Transplant

What Causes Hair Grafts to Fall After Hair Transplant

When hair sheds after the transplant most people think that their hair transplant get failed or the procedure was not carried out properly but this is not true. Hair fall after a hair transplant is normal. It’s a natural normal process and the patient does not need to panic about the situation. Methods with the innovative techniques like the FUE hair transplant and the DHI hair transplant cause the follicles to grow continuously after the treatment. But still, after 3 to 4 weeks hair loss occurs. 

Why Does Hair Fall Occur After the Hair Transplant?

The most common reason for hair fall after a hair transplant is just the rehabilitation process. After your hair transplant, your hair may fall but the follicles remain there on the scalp which continues the hair growth. There are people who confuse the normal hair fall with this. 

When this hair falls new hair grows in place of these. Up to 3 months are required for the hair to grow back. After all this hair loss, the patient enjoys full thick healthy hair within 10-12 months. Then outcomes of the treatment remain there for a lifetime because the growth is done by the transplanted follicles.  

Confusing shock loss with this shedding is totally wrong and is common these days. This shedding can be anywhere on the scalp. 

Other Reasons for the Loss of Hair Grafts:

There are some other reasons why hair fall can occur after hair transplantation. These are the ones that are described below:

  • When the blood supply to the scalp is slowed down 
  • If your surgeon was not an expert 
  • When your hair is not harvested properly
  • As an immune response

Although these are the reasons if you are facing an excessive hair fall then you need to visit your doctor. 

Why Post Operation is Important?

Post-operation plays an important role in the success of hair transplants. The patient’s behavior towards the aftercare decides the success of the process. When an individual touch the scalp before 5 days of the treatment it certainly hurts the scalp and follicles. That is why patients are advised to avoid touching the hair for at least a week. 

Also, hard exercises should not be done because by these exercises the wounds can get hurt and bleed which will result in the loss of follicles.

Saunas, bathing, and swimming must be avoided as they can hurt the follicles too. A patient can go for these after 21 days. 

Shock Loss:

This is a temporary loss of hair after the hair transplant. This can occur due to many reasons. These are the ones:

Local Anesthesia:

This is the injection of saline into the scalp tissues. When the solution quantity increases it causes pressure which restricts the blood supply to the follicles. So the hair starts falling.

Tissue trauma:

When the treatment is done by using FUT, a narrow strip will be taken which can traumatize the surrounding tissues. As a result of this, hair starts falling.  

Excessive Number of Grafts Taken: 

The number of grafts that can be taken from the donor area is limited. When the doctors take a number of grafts that are more than needed it can cause shock loss.  

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