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What Are the Reasons for Slow Hair Growth in Winter?

UncategorizedWhat Are the Reasons for Slow Hair Growth in Winter?
What Are the Reasons for Slow Hair Growth in Winter

What Are the Reasons for Slow Hair Growth in Winter?

Most people face hair loss in the winter season and there are many reasons for this. Although genetics plays an important role in hair growth but there are some environmental factors that affect this too. For example, in summer the hair growth rate is high because the blood circulation is high and the nutrients flow to the hair follicles are more. Sun provides more vitamin D which causes keratin production, thus stimulating hair growth too. To know more about What Are the Reasons for Slow Hair Growth in Winter? Read below.

Why Hair Hair Growth is Slow in Winter?

Hair grows slowly in winter and there are many reasons for this. All these reasons are discussed below:

Dry Air:

Due to the difference in the temperatures of the outside and the room, our scalp gets hurt and becomes dry & itchy. Dryness in the scalp results in hair that gets split and broken. To tackle with the issue, you need to keep your scalp area moisturized. For moisturization, individuals can apply a hair mask once a week. 

Decreased Activity:

In the winter season, the physical activity of a person decreases which means the blood flow is less. Also, people avoid going out and doing exercises as well as activities at the home are less which results in an overall less flow of nutrients to the hair follicles. The hair follicles are not that activated. Thus, the hair gets weak and falls from the scalp. 

Less Sunlight:

Less sunlight means less vitamin D which means less hair growth. To avoid slow hair growth, you should spend more time in sunlight to grab more vitamin D. In addition to providing vitamin D the sunlight also stops hair loss. An exposure of around 10 to 20 minutes of sunlight is necessary to keep the hair growth normal. 

Poor Nutrition:

In winter, people tend to eat food that is less nutritious and more processed. In this way, the deficiency of keratin, iron, and biotin occurs which causes less hair growth. To tackle hair loss due to poor diet, patients need to follow a good dietary plan. To get a good diet plan you can contact our nutritionist in Abu Dhabi. 

Blood Vessels Shrinkage:

In winter, the blood vessels get shrunk and thus reduce the blood flow which leads to less nutrient supply to hair follicles resulting in weak hair. There are some ways by which the individual can maintain blood flow in winter too. For example by having a head massage daily or by wearing caps to stay warm. This way the blood circulates at a comparably high rate. 

Ways to Improve Hair Growth:

To increase hair growth in winter and to have a healthy scalp, individuals need to follow some steps. These are the ones as follows:

  • Get a hair massage daily to improve the blood circulation
  • Eat a healthy diet to receive the essential nutrients and vitamins for hair
  • Take supplements to maintain the hair health 
  • Individuals can get PRP to reduce hair fall and stimulate hair follicles growth

Get the Best Advise from Cosmo Experts:

People who are facing hair fall more than normal in winter need to consult a physician who can analyze the condition and can treat them according to their issues. For this, experts at the Cosmo Health Clinic are here for you with an experience of several years and thousands of satisfied patients. Know the reason for your hair fall today with us. To schedule a consultation  you need to complete the form that is presented below. 

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