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Is Dubai Good for Hair Transplant?

UncategorizedIs Dubai Good for Hair Transplant?
Is Dubai Good for Hair Transplant

Is Dubai Good for Hair Transplant?

Your baldness is obviously a source of disturbance for you. We want to solve this issue and your cause of embarrassment with our best hair treatments available here in Dubai. There are many reasons because of why Dubai is the main focus for such treatments. This city is offering the best medical procedures than any other European and western country. People not only receive the best treatments but also enjoy the best views and environment. If you have the same question Is Dubai Good for Hair Transplant? You can get the answer by reading the blog!

Famous for Medical Treatments:

Dubai is best known because of medical tourism as it has top-class surgeons and doctors that are providing unmatchable treatments. People receiving hair transplants in Dubai are many. Every year the rate is increasing because the success of hair transplantation is increasing too. After getting the treatment here in our Dubai Clinic you will get a permanent solution to your hair problems. 

Hair Transplant Techniques Used in Dubai:

Different types of hair techniques are in use in our clinics depending on the need and condition of the patient. The main procedure is the ones presented below:


The technique in which the hair is taken in the form of strands one by one. The doctor first decides on the donor area and then extracts hair from that area. The extracted hair is taken and then implanted into the bald area. The hair starts growing in that part too. 


This restores the hairline more successfully. In the process, the doctor takes a patch of scalp containing hair and then takes out grafts from them for further implantation. The surgery leaves a prominent scar. 

Robotic Hair Transplant:

A technique in which the robot does the whole process. A robotic automatic machine selects the donor, picks up the hair, and then implants it in the targeted area. 


A natural process in which the red blood cells from the patient’s body are used to treat hair loss issues. It is a safe and effective process. 

Benefits of Getting the Treatment in Dubai:

Top Surgeons:

Dubai has world best surgeons in the world. They are all really qualified experts who promise mesmerizing results. 

Reasonable Flights:

Flights to Dubai are way more reasonable than any other flights to Europe or another western country. 

Expense is low than in Developed Countries:

The expense of living in western countries is much more as compared to Dubai. You have an affordable living expense there during your treatment time. 

Permanent Solution:

You will get a permanent solution with the treatment. No need for back-to-back procedures. 

High Success Rate:

The transplant done in Dubai has a high ratio of success. More than 95% of the treatments done here give desired results. 

Recovery Time:

A hair transplant is not usually a problem and does not cause any pain. You just need some medicines to treat the pain with a doctor’s advice. You will recover within days and the new hair growth will start too. Thick and smooth hair is obtained by the procedure. 

Why Cosmo Health Clinic In Dubai?

Cosmo Health Clinic is best known because of its hair treatments and its best surgeons. Our professionals know how to tackle simple to complex hair procedures. We have done hundreds of successful surgeries in Dubai. We do post-operative procedures for people so that they can recover after the process as soon as possible. 

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