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How Does Hair Restoration Work in Dubai

UncategorizedHow Does Hair Restoration Work in Dubai
How Does Hair Restoration Work in Dubai

How Does Hair Restoration Work in Dubai

Hair loss is a common issue these days among men and women equally. Problems like hair thinning and baldness are one of the main issues too. There are many treatments that are in practice in Dubai for years to provide the best and most effective results to people. So it has become the most popular place for people who wish to get hair transplants and other hair-related procedures. If you want to know How Does Hair Restoration Work in Dubai? 

What is Hair Restoration?

Hair restoration is a procedure of transferring hair from the back of the scalp to the front area. The process restores the natural hairline of the person. There are many surgical procedures including the beard hair transplant, chest hair transplant, and scalp hair transplant that are done to give desired outcomes. Also, famous non-surgical treatments like injections and scarless hair transplants are also done. 

How Hair Restoration is Carried Out in Dubai?

Different methods are used to carry out the hair restoration treatment. These are the ones present below:


The most popular hair restoration technique gives results in a less invasive way. To carry out the process, our qualified doctors first do some preparation and proper patient checkup. In this procedure, special tools are used to pick the hair follicles one by one from the areas like the side or the back of the head or the chest and beard which are then sent for preparations for further transplantations. After the preparatory phase, the doctor inserts these hair follicles into the required scalp area. This technique does not cause any side effects and is less invasive. Treatment results in the natural growth of hair. 


It is strip hair transplantation surgery in which the scalp patches are withdrawn bearing the hair follicles on them. These hair follicles are then picked one by one after which they are transplanted into the areas where the hair is needed i.e. the front area of the head. 

Beard Hair Transplant:

It is a non-surgical treatment done to restore beard hair.  For the rejuvenation process, hair from the donor areas is taken smoothly and then implanted in the required regions. 

Body Hair Transplant:

In this procedure, our expert doctors take the extra hair from the areas like the chest, armpits, arms, and abdomen to the scalp of a person. These hair-bearing spots are usually the main sources when carrying out a hair transplant. 

All these treatments are the major ones that are in process and giving desired results to their patients for years. 

Benefits of Hair Restoration in Dubai:

When you receive your treatment in Dubai you get the following additional benefits. These advantages are mentioned below:

  • Hair restoration which is done here in Dubai is affordable and effective
  • The hairline you gain is natural completely
  • Process is carried out by world expert doctors
  • Results stay there on a permanent basis
  • Bald patches will get eliminated and your self-confidence increases
  • Best location with the best outcomes

Why Cosmo Health Clinic?

Our Cosmo Health Clinic is located in Dubai. We are offering a perfect treatment to you people so that you can be at ease and get satisfied with your aesthetics. A lot of hair restoration treatments are available here. From which you can choose any one you desire. To contact our proficient team you just need to complete the form that is present below! It won’t take a minute!

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