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How Much is a Hair Transplant in Dubai?

UncategorizedHow Much is a Hair Transplant in Dubai?
How much is a Hair Transplant in Dubai

How Much is a Hair Transplant in Dubai?

Our hair is very essential in terms of the health of cosmetics & natural look. But sadly, there are many candidates who are going through baldness or hair loss. However, hair transplantation is there to rescue. Since hair transplant is a surgical process, it must be carried out by professionals in a clinic.

When we talk about restoring hair, it is a fact that the UAE is one of the most favorable countries that comes to mind. Thanks to the proven success of Dubai in the field of Hair Implantation and the reasonable prices of the process. Anyhow, learn about the most affordable cost as there are candidates who have been asking How much is a Hair Transplant in Dubai. Read the complete blog below and book us right away!

Transplantation of Hair!

In Dubai, a Hair transplant is a surgical method carried out to provide a permanent solution to individuals who are going through extreme hair loss because of various reasons for instance health issues, irregular diet, inappropriate hair care, or hereditary. However, the following procedure removes the issue of hair loss, which is generated by the mentioned issues.

What are the Advantages?

There are plenty of Hair transplant Advantages, a few of which are mentioned below:

  • Natural hair.
  • Enhanced appearance.
  • Safe and permanent solution.
  • Cost-effective and has no risks.

What is the Approach?

The candidate is suggested to wear loose clothes that can conveniently be put on or taken off while the candidates arrive for the method. Or else, the follicles of hair could be destroyed. Additionally, prior to the method, the expert of the treatment will recommend refraining from smoking, drinking alcohol, or taking thinners of blood. Furthermore, the hair of the client must be at a prescribed length.


The expert Hair Transplant Surgeon will carry out the most effective process of FUE Hair Transplant by first applying anesthesia on the donor site and then begin extracting the hair follicles from the site of the donor i.e from usually the back of the head without damaging the scalp. These roots collected by the surgeon are known as grafts are placed in a container. After that, the surgeon will apply anesthesia to the site of transplantation to numb it and make the client comfortable. And then make tiny holes with a punch machine and then transplant the hair into the desired hair while delivering a natural and aesthetic look.

What is the Hair Transplant Price?

According to the hair surgeon at Cosmo Health Wellness Clinic, the standard cost of the method varies from AED 6,500 to AED 13,500. But the candidate must not rely on the mentioned cost as this is not the real cost as there are some other factors that will impact the price of the treatment and thus the actual Hair Transplant Cost will be determined at the initial meeting with the practitioner.

What are the Factors Impacting the Cost?

Below are mentioned the impacting factors of cost:

Clinic process: 

Every clinic carries out different procedures and there are numerous steps in the process of hair transplantation. The more qualified the doctor the higher the cost. However, if the candidate gets the complete process done by a highly skilled and fully trained doctor, then the candidate must expect to pay a little more.

Chosen FUE Technique: 

If any individual is seeking the best hair transplant in Dubai, it is essential to keep in mind that every process is done with a significant method. The process constantly evolving with modern innovations including the usage of the latest techniques. These procedures have brought extra benefits to the methodology and eased it to further enhance the rate of success.

Name & Location of Clinic: 

Varying on the specific clinic the candidate opts for, the price of the treatment will fluctuate on the basis of the location & name of the clinic, if the clinic is located in an area with high taxes will and a well-reputed name, will increase the cost of the treatment.

Be Our Happy Clients!

Learned about How much is a Hair Transplant in Dubai? Then what are you waiting for, fill out the below form and book us right away to avail of the amazing perks that are natural and permanent! Anyhow, if you have any further concerns, feel free to consult with our proficient doctors and get astonishing treatment.

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