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Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

UncategorizedHair Transplant Cost in Dubai
Hair Transplant Cost Dubai

Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

Nowadays, millions of individuals undergo the procedure of Hair Transplant to get rid of hair loss or baldness. However, we are presenting an effective technique for tackling the issue of hair thinning. Before going through the process, it is essential to learn about the most affordable Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai and book us right away!

Hair Transplant!

A Hair Transplant is a surgical process where hair is eliminated from the part of the scalp that contains thicker & denser hair mostly from the back of the head and then implanting the hair in the part of the scalp that contains baldness or hair loss. The treatment delivers stunning outcomes to our valuable candidates. Furthermore, the method delivers a permanent solution to prevent hair loss without any complications.

What are the Results?

The process of Hair Transplant delivers effective & permanent results when carried out by an expert. In addition, there will be no more worry about hair loss as the consequences are natural and the most amazing part of the method is that individuals can style hair as per their desire.

What are the Two main Types of Processes?

Below are mentioned the two main types of hair transplant methods that are utilized to restore hair on the head or facial regions for instance beard and mustache. 

FUE– Follicular Unit Extraction:

This method is a less invasive procedure where hair is harvested individually from the site of the scalp containing denser and thicker hair with the assistance of a specialized needle and then placed into the tiny cuts made in the baldness or hair-thinning region. The amazing part of the method is that the method permits the practitioner to extract almost 5000 follicles of hair in one session. No linear scars are seen after the process, except minimal scars that are in the form of dots.

FUT– Follicular Unit Transplant:

In the following procedure, the practitioner will cut a patch or strip of hair follicles from the site containing more thicker and denser hair that is usually present on the back of the scalp and then are implanted it into the tiny cuts that are made in the site of hair loss or baldness. Moreover, the method leaves behind a linear scar, but it is noticeable and will be lessened after a short while.

How is the Process Carried Out?

Anesthesia Administration:

Prior to the method, the expert of the method will apply anesthesia on the site of the scalp where hair will be taken and to the site of implantation to make the process free of pain. In a few scenarios, the surgeons apply local anesthesia or general to avoid complications.

Extraction of Grafts:

The treatment expert selects the strongest hair grafts that are harvested. Furthermore, these grafts are handled properly to prevent damage.

Transplanting the Hair Follicles:

The extracted grafts are then implanted into the slits that are made the site of baldness. The method is carried out while observing the direction & position of the hair to generate natural-appearing results.

How Much is the Hair Transplant Price?

The standard Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai ranges from AED 6,950 to AED 15,550. However, this is not the real cost as there are many other factors that influence the price of the treatment thus the real cost will be known at the initial meeting with the Hair Transplant Surgeon.

Factors of Cost:

The following are mentioned the factors of cost as per the experts at Cosmo Health Wellness Clinic.

  • Surgeons Fee: 

These charges are charged by the expert on the treatment because of their experience in carrying out the following procedure, their qualification, and the time is taken for the procedure.

  • Anaesthesia Fee: 

These are the charges that are assigned by the anesthetist further determined by whether the candidate is opting for local anesthesia or general.

  • Clinic Fee: 

The fee of the clinic will be variable on its location and reputation. If the clinic resides in an area that has a great standard of living, and thus it will fluctuate the cost of the treatment.

  • Condition of the scalp:

This is the price that is charged by the surgeon. Anyhow, the cost will vary on the requirement of grafts, the condition of the scalp, treatment areas, and the duration spent in the procedure.

A Way to Natural Hair Growth!

If you are upset about your looks that are affected by baldness or hair thinning, then book us right away for the most affordable Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai. For further queries, feel comfortable to consult with our expert and sort out your concerns!

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