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Hair Restoration for women in Dubai

UncategorizedHair Restoration for women in Dubai
Hair Restoration for women in Dubai

Hair Restoration for women in Dubai

Women face hair loss sometimes in their life because of some hormonal issue, menopausal period, or other pregnancy problems. Hair loss is usually common among men but women can also get the issue at any time of their life. The problem is treated by hair restoration processes. 

Hair Restoration for women in Dubai is the best procedure for dealing with the problem. With the procedure, the hair loss issue in women is first treated, and also new follicles production occurs. 

What is Hair Restoration for Women?

The methods that are adopted to control hair loss in women are termed hair restoration. There are three options for the rejuvenation of hair in women. These are the ones: 


This a procedure by which the essential components are inserted into the scalp such as all the vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids that are responsible for hair growth. The treatment is an effective one and is popular among people. With the treatment, the hair follicles get activated more, and hair production starts. The therapy gives the best results when carried out by an expert doctor.  The composition of the medicine is told by the doctor according to the problem. 


A technique in which the doctor uses patients’ own blood cells for the production of more collagen and new cells. Actually, the growth factors from the blood are taken out, and then after the centrifugation process, they are inserted back into the scalp. This causes natural hair growth without any side effects.

Hair Transplant:

Two types of hair transplants Dubai are used to do hair restoration in women. These are the FUE and FUT. In both techniques, hair follicles are withdrawn from the scalp and then injected into the front line of the head. 

Candidates for the Treatment:

Unlike men, not all women are the perfect candidates for treatment. Only a few women are candidates. Women who have the following attributes become the perfect candidates for the treatment. 

  • Women who have a good donor site for hair grafts
  • Who is generally in good health 
  • Have a realistic approach to the treatment

Why Does Hair Loss Occur in Women?

There are different reasons for hair loss in women. These can be:

Genetical Issues:

Sometimes, genetic issues cause hair loss in women. For example, if your parent is bald or any family member is.

Hormonal Problems:

Female baldness usually occurs due to hormone fluctuation such as during pregnancy or menopause.

Other Health Issues:

Any mental or physical health such as stress imbalances, endocrine issues, and PCOS. 

Types of Hair Loss:

Anagen effluvium:

Such hair loss happens when a reaction to a medicine or radiation occurs as in the case of chemotherapy. 

Telogen effluvium:

When the hair follicles get increased a phase called the telogen phase is reached. In this phase the hair starts falling. 

Female pattern alopecia:

This is a common female hair loss condition in which the patient’s side hair and the frontal hair get thin. 

Have a Smooth Hair Transformation!

With Cosmo Health Clinic you will get the treatment in a smooth way and you will not feel any pain or inconvenience. Our professionals are all really educated and qualified. They know how to carry out a proper Hair Restoration for women in Dubai as they have an experience of several years. They are at your service 24/7. To get a free consultation with them in our clinic you need to complete the form that is present below! It won’t take a minute!

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