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Is PRP Effective for Hair Loss?

UncategorizedIs PRP Effective for Hair Loss?
Is PRP Effective for Hair Loss?

Is PRP Effective for Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common problem these days and needs to be addressed genuinely, the causes for the problem are mostly hormonal changes, medical conditions like PCOs in women, aging, and other chemical usages. PRP is a perfect solution for this problem as it does not cause any pain and treats the issue in natural ways. Despite the popularity of this procedure, there are people who question whether Is PRP Effective for Hair Loss? So to make everything clear about PRP treatment this blog is presented!

How PRP Helps in Hair Loss?

A PRP is a mixture of white and red blood cells containing platelets for healing phenomena. The function of platelets present in the PRP solution is to cause recovery from injuries and wounds. In case of hair loss, doctors use this nature for hair growth. These blood platelets cause the production of the collagen and elastin and also increase the blood circulation, as a result of which the hair follicles start their growth and the hair grow in a natural way on the scalp  

What are the Advantages of the Treatment?

Among many, of the benefits of the procedure, being made from your own blood cells and plasma is the main one. Other advantages are as follows

  • No allergic reactions and a safe process
  • Medicines for male pattern baldness also treat the male erectile dysfunction
  • Treatment does not require a downtime
  • Does not cause side effects
  • Affordable procedure

Who Should Get the Treatment?

People who have the following characteristics can opt for the treatment. These are the ones present below:

  • When your overall health is perfect 
  • You have a realistic approach to the treatment
  • No medical history 
  • People who are non-smokers and non-alcoholic
  • When you are over 18 years

How the PRP is Done?

PRP is a three-step procedure in the first step, in which the doctor withdraws the blood from your arm area and then puts the extracted blood into a centrifuge machine. In the second step, in that centrifuge, the blood with low platelets, high platelets, and red blood cells gets seperated into three different layers. In the third step, which is the final step the doctor makes a syringe of these platelets and injected these syringes into the needed area. 

The results of this procedure are not completely known by anyone yet watching the benefits of the process the doctors and the people are opting for this procedure. 

Are there any Side Effects of the Procedure?

Being a process that is carried out using your own blood cells, it does not cause any side effects the maximum that you can have is swelling, pain, or irritation which will go away after 24 hours. Patients do not need to worry about the side effects of the procedure as it is a safe process. 

Is PRP a Permanent Treatment?

To maintain the results of the PRP treatment, patients need to undergo the same process after every 6 months. Depending on the condition of the patient, the sessions fluctuate. To know more in detail about the liability of the process in your case you need to consult the surgeon so that you can be treated perfectly. 

Bottom Line!

Our hair transplant surgeons will help you in getting the best treatments that will solve your hair loss and baldness issues. Cosmo Health Clinic is one of the well-known hair clinics in Dubai and most people know our proficient professionals. Techniques for the hair transplant are all in practice with innovative equipment and technology. To get your treatment you need to complete the consultation form that is present below! You will be able to interpret whether Is PRP Effective for Hair Loss or not?

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