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Patient Policy

Patient Policy

We are committed to safeguarding & respect the privacy of our candidates & we are working diligently to assure our policies and practices meet high standards for data privacy. The safety of our clients is our top priority and the rights of our valuable candidates are very essential to us. 

Our team of proficient doctors has planned a safety procedure for our clients who deserves the best results. We feel honored to state that we have the most trustworthy, responsible & efficient team of experts who deliver their best to reduce side effects & complications.

Each & every treatment requires efforts from all the members of our team who have put their participation in the procedure. In addition, the care from the clients and the proficiency of our surgeons play a vital role in providing the finest & outstanding consequences.

Agreement Form:

Prior to the medical procedure, the consent form is signed by the clients which ensure that the individual approves the process & is aware of all the circumstances & drawbacks.

The Policy of the Patient at Cosmo Health Wellness Clinic:

Rights & Responsibilities:

The individuals have specific rights which we require to fulfill. In the agreement form, all the benefits, and rights are quoted, and the candidates are required to sign it prior to the treatment. If in circumstances the client is not assured about the treatment then our team of experts is here to ease you opt for the right one.

Disclosure of Medical Situation:

Blood tests will be taken & other tests that are relative to the process to evaluate in case they might harm the client. In the medical records, the outcomes will be restored.

Medical Pictures:

It is risky & immoral to utilize the photographs of the client without their consent. Thus, only after the consent, the pictures will be uploaded to our website.

Refusing Treatment:

The final decision is only yours! But the candidate is not required to panic as our team of proficient doctors is here to assist in opting for the right treatment. Each & every individual has the complete right to deny the treatment that is suggested by the surgeon. Without any hesitation, tell us if you are not pleased or satisfied with the medication during the process.

Medical Records:

All the details about the process are stored whether it is minor or major in the medical records and every detail is available about the history of the client, results, tips to follow for preparing prior to the method and aftercare instructions, procedure details, medications, and clinical findings. However, our experts guarantee you that your information will not be shared with any other person and it will be destroyed after some time.

Some other Rights & Duties:

  • The Details of the candidates are kept confidential at Cosmo Health Wellness Clinic.
  • The individuals can ask about the experience & qualifications of the surgeon because the results will be entirely variable on the expertise of the practitioner.
  • A session of consultation will be organized for the individual if he/she is not confirmed about opting for the correct process.
  • The cost of the treatment should be informed to the individual.