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Dr. Sania Awais

Dr. Sania Awais

Every individual is judged by their looks, Dr. Sania lets you start a new life that assists to flaunt your beauty and enhancing your appearance!

She is a professional expert in the various areas of aesthetic medication, rejuvenating skin, hair transplant, hair removal, and so much more. Dr. Sania is a superior surgeon of cosmetics at Cosmo Health Wellness Clinic, acting on her responsibilities. Moreover, from her candidates, she has also received many fruitful responses.

As a skin expert, she utilizes amazing skills and is capable of all invasive & non-invasive surgeries because she has attained remarkable proficiency in dealing with a variety of areas of concern such as facial, hair, and skin. Moreover, she has attended study groups & seminars on hair restoration, skin, and appearance to acquire new proficiency & understand the latest methodologies.

Dr. Sania is fully expertly trained with huge working knowledge in the main centers of medicine in the UAE & Pakistan. In Dubai, she has earned many accomplishments & is a well-known highly reputed surgeon.

Areas of Expertise:

Treatments for Hair

  • Fillers.
  • Restoration of Hair.
  • Hair Transplanting.
  • Stem cell therapy.
  • Injectable hair treatment- PRP.

Treatments for Skin Rejuvenation

  • Botox.
  • Fillers.
  • Hydrafacial.
  • Vampire facials.
  • Mesotherapy.
  • Chemical peels. 
  • Skin whitening. 
  • Skin treatments.
  • Tattoo removal.
  • Derma procedures
  • Pico laser.
  • PRP- Platelet-rich Plasma.
  • skin enhancement consultation. 

Treatments for the Body

  • Slimming & contouring.
  • Cellulite reduction ( Fat freezing/ melting/ velashape).
  • Liposuction.
  • Rhinoplasty.
  • Mesotherapy. 


Bachelor of Medicine from Quaid e Azam Medical College, Pakistan.


General Practitioner.


12 years.

Language Spoken:

  • English.
  • Urdu.