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At Cosmo Health Wellness Clinic in Dubai, there are many individuals who are seeking for procedures & treatments for their skin and body. Latest information is being added to our site to keep our candidates up-to-date with our latest and modern techniques. The data of the website is just for the information so any reliance that the candidates place is exclusively liable for their safety.

Future Results:

The reference uploaded on the site does not mean to ensure that every candidate will achieve the same result. Furthermore, the results will be variable on the candidates because every individual has a different type of body that reacts differently.

Picture Refusal:

Before & after images of the procedure have been uploaded on our website to let our clients learn the best possible outcomes. We are not ensuring the client of the same results that are present in the pictures.

External Links:

We have mentioned some external links on our website to assist individuals to attain more information about the subject. Anyhow, we share these links only for information so if any individual is going through any sufferings with the utilization of our website, we are not responsible for it.


Every detail on the website is placed under the ownership of Cosmo Health Wellness Clinic. The products on the website are entirely secured by international copyright.


For any procedure, book a consultation with our experts if you are 18+. This is because below the mentioned age, the candidates have not reached a legal age to make any conclusion. Another essential think to keep in mind is that we will not be in charge of anything wrong happens to any individual and no one can sue us for any kind of harm or loss caused due to the utilization of the website.

Medical Advice:

If the client relies on the content of the website, we or our team is not accountable for what might be caused to anyone so it is better to have a word with our medical experts. To learn about the method well, individuals can utilize it as a complement but it should not be the only thing that is essential to make medical decisions. 

Treatment Results:

We or our team do not ensure the optimal or effective outcomes of the treatment as they are variable from individual to individual. Moreover, any candidate should not go under the treatment without any consultation with our experts.

Information Accuracy:

At the time of publication the information is marked as right & correct. After some time, the alteration in the conditions might impact the accuratenesss of the content on the website.

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Feel comfortable to consult & contact us any time if anyone is appealing to learn more details. Additional, read carefully prior to signing the consent form.